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Rahill Jamalifard ‘I'm This I'm That I'm in the World’ - artist edition book


'I'm This I'm That I'm in the World' by Rahill Jamalifard

"During quarantine I started a series called 'primitive portraits', drawings done in crayon and pencil of artists who’ve had influence in my life. Just as Covid began its pillage in the United States, I was coming off a west coast tour and had plans of spending time upstate to relax and decompress. Then boom—Covid went full throttle and I found myself up here, no reception, no internet, no books, no records, no instruments. So I picked up a pack of crayons at the supermarket as a saving grace to connect me back into avenues of remedial creation. Crazy how a thirty minute daily routine can bring you solace and healing as powerful as meditation. Not only was that inspiring... reconnecting to my deepest roots in art, drawing, the place where creating began for me, and using the same medium (crayon) was kind of wild. Anyway, that’s a long enough description for sharing these crude drawings, but ya know what, who cares."

Published by Pacific


54 pages

15.2cm x 22.7cm (6 × 9 inches
Edition of 500